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The twentieth century gave women newfound freedoms that challenged the ideas of womanhood. As technologies advanced and conflicts arose, women were…

Contributors: Allison Horne, Jennifer Capers, Kristy Smith, Lauren McConnico



            History offers anyone who is willing to learn about it a window into the past. It is a way to view cultures from the past, the way ancient…

Contributors: Reagan Andrews, Dallas Bright, Jazmyne Mendez


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"Political Women: Before, During, and After the 19th Amendment"               When asked, most people will say that women’s political roles began with…

Contributors: Nadiya Workman, Jamey Wolf, Kate Wells



Women’s Role in Education

The field of education changed dramatically from the late nineteenth centurty to the 1960s, particularly for women in…

Contributors: Cara O’Connel, Denise Wakeman, Micah Marshall


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Disruption of the Ideals of Domesticity During WWII             WWII caused dramatic and rapid shifts to take place within the realm of traditional…

Contributors: William Houston, Bernadette Willams, Morgan Gloss, Breanna Johnson


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The Origins and Impact of the National Organization for Women NOW emerged in 1966 in response to the need of a national organization to address…

Contributors: Denise Nichols, Jere Norville, Will Ruffin

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This collection contains items that were used in the first HIST4851 course.