The Future is NOW


The Future is NOW


Issues facing the rights of women


The 1973 National Conference itinerary entitled The Future is NOW. Is a 23 page document that the origination printed to address the most important issues challenging the progress of the rights of women in the United States. These issues include equality in the areas of economics, education, and the political arena. It also advocates against war and violence, domestic abuse and rape, and limited access to birth control and medical attention. This document shows the activism that took place at the national level, and would evenly work its way into the state and local levels. The two sections used for this project was section 2 titled Economic Equality. This section address the importance for women to be able to earn a fair and equal wage in harassment free workplace and have the ability for women to either prove extra income for a household, or o be the primary bread winner. The second section is a resolution to combat and to bring the issue of rape and violence against women out of the shadows and into the forefront of national conversation. Advocating against rape was showing the world that women were taking control of their bodies, building esteem and building self-worth. These two resolutions are the means for women to take control of their lives becoming independent, and self-efficacy.


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