Postcard from Mary Louise Reilly to Julie Isenberg


Postcard from Mary Louise Reilly to Julie Isenberg




This document is a letter written by Mary Louise Reilly, a Smith College alum, to Julie Isenberg in regards to an article Isenberg published in the Smith Quarterly (a publication for and put together by alumnae). In this postcard Mary Louise Reilly agreed with Isenberg’s proposals to reform education with specifically as it pertained to areas of history and government. Isenberg was particularly concerned with properly educating people so that they would become responsible and well informed citizens and voters. Reilly who was active in the League of Women voters and was a retired educator echoed Isenberg’s concerns about the “ignorance, apathy and irresponsibility of the majority of our so-called educated citizens.” Reilly’s letter in support of Isenberg’s reform ideas and call to action on the part of educated women depicts a moment in time where women were beginning to more actively participate in and advocate for their involvement in education and politics. Breaking gendered notions of what should be taught in education was key to women participating more fully in politics and effecting social equality.


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November 24, 1960


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