"They Say"


"They Say"


Politics, Tennessee, Vermont, 19th amendment


The drawing, "They Say" was published in 1920, in The Suffragist. The drawing illustrates a donkey holding a sign that says Tennesse and an elephant holding a sign that says Vermont. A woman in front of the two is wearing a suffrage sash and is holding a trophy that is that represents the 19th amendment. Tennessee has a sign that says "Dear lady walk upon this" and Vermont has a sign that says, "My fair lady, I implore you to cross to victory upon my rainment." I chose this drawing because it illustrates how Tennessee became the 36th state to ratify the amendment and how the legislature of Vermont wanted to become the 36th state that made the amendment pass. But the Governor Clement of Vermont did not allow them to have a Special Session. Which led President Wilson to try to convince Tennessee to have a Special Session, which they did and led Tennessee to becoming the 36th state and became the state that finalized the amendment.


The Suffragist


The Suffragist. Periodicals. July 1920 "They Say"


University of Memphis Libraries.


July 1920


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