Catholic Nun Seeks Nomination for Congress from 8th District


Catholic Nun Seeks Nomination for Congress from 8th District


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In this newspaper article created by Beth Tamke, Sister Mary Anne Guthrie speaks on why she chose to run for Congress for the 8th district. The Sister had been considering the race for two weeks prior to speaking to the newspaper. Guthrie feels as though her running for Congress will help make necessary changes to help the people within the district, (and it doesn’t hurt that she is a nun as well.) One of the biggest issues of the time, is the integrity of the government, feels Guthrie. She says that instead of spending billions of dollars on the defense system, more should be put towards helping people who are in need. She is the first woman to enter the nomination race along with four other men. Sister Guthrie hopes to win the votes of women, men, young people and older people. Her campaign will be funded by the peoples’ contributions making it a “people campaign.” Although, she is venturing on a very different path in her life, she still believes running for Congress is a form of service in her ministry.

The article goes on to say how the Sister’s views are moderate, and tells about her past experiences. Sister Guthrie is a Memphis native, she graduated from St. Agnes Academy, she is a registered nurse, and a graduate student from Notre Dame and St. Louis University. She was an administrator for St. John’s Hospital in Spalding, Nebraska, a night supervisor at City of Memphis Hospital, and a nurse practitioner for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital before working for the Diocese of Memphis.


Beth Tamke


MSS 475, Box 370B, Folder 3


The University of Memphis Libraries


May 30, 1974


Tamke, Beth


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