"Tennessee, 36th!"


"Tennessee, 36th!"


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"Tennessee--The 36th!" is a article from The Suffragist that was written in September 1920. The article talks about the week's of suspense that gave the final vote for ratification on August 18th. the article mentions Tennessee's intensive state wide campaign under the direction of Miss Sue White, who was the chairman and concentrated their efforts in Nashville. Before Miss White left Washington to head to Nashville, she polled the legislature in both Houses of the legislature for ratificaiton. The members of legislature were convinced that Special Sessions was legal and was ready to vote. However, when the Special Session came alot of the members of legislature changed their mind on their vote for the amendment due to pressure from anti-suffragist. The article goes in detail who changed their mind and who stood firm and resulted in a 48-48 tie. The Speaker of House called the measure to a ratification vote (recall vote) and that Burn stood up and voted in favor of the amendment (based on the letter he recieved from his mother the morning of) which ultimatley made Tennessee pass the ratificaiton and Tennessee became the necessary 36th state to ratify the nineteenth amendment, and winning the women the right to vote.U.S. Secretary of State, Colby Bainbridge certified the results on 28 August 1920.


The Suffragist


The Suffragist. Periodicals. September 1920 "Tennessee--36th!"


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September 1920


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