"Special Session in Tennessee"


"Special Session in Tennessee"


Special Session, Tennessee, 19th amendment, Woodrow Wilson, Albert H. Roberts, William L. Fierson


This article is in The Suffragist, that consist of letters/telegrams from President Wilson to Governor Albert H. Roberts of Tennessee appealing for a special ratification session. Govenor Roberts stated that he owuld comply with President Wilson, in support of the amendment and that a session will be called. the article also has a letter President Woodrow Wilson wrote to acting attorney general William L. Frierson, asking his opinion on the constatutionality of ratification by a special session of Tennessee Legislature. Attorney General responded quickly and stated, "After the Ohio case, this leaves no doubt in my mind taht Tennessee Legislature if called in session, will have the clear power to ratify the amendment not withstanding any provision of the Tennessee Constitution." I chose this article, with these letters because it shows proof of the complication of the state of Tennessee consitution and the Federal constitution. This article also shows the major role President Wilson had in the women's suffrage movement, involving the 19th amendment. He constantly was fighting for their rights and doing everything in his power to help.


The Suffragist
Wilson, Woodrow
Roberts, Albert H.
Frierson, William L.


The Suffragist. June 1920 "Special Session in Tennessee"


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June 1920


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