March 2, 1945 Letter to Hope Bespalow


March 2, 1945 Letter to Hope Bespalow


education; equality; marriage


This is a PDF of a letter from the Special Collections section of the University of Memphis Library. Lieutenant Merrill Dan writes a letter to Hope Bespalow, who is a college student at the University of Wisconsin. They were both natives of Memphis, Tennessee. The letter is handwritten and written on March 2nd, 1945. The paper is written on white, see through paper in cursive. The issue of Hopes parents, specifically her mother, concern with her getting a higher education is brought up and Dan lets Hope know that he supports her in whatever she decides to do. Dan mentions how much he loves her and misses her multiple times throughout the letter, attributing an entire paragraph to it at one point. He also tells her that it is important to him that their future marriage be on equal ground. He refers to it as a 50-50 basis. He does not want one dominating the other and cares about her opinion on the matter. He also tells her about the purple ink that she was using in her previous letters.


Dan, Merrill


Hope and Merrill Dan Papers Box 1, Folder 44, MSS 274


The University of Memphis Libraries


March 2, 1945


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