Peru's Call Answered By Sister


Peru's Call Answered By Sister




This is a newspaper article from an unknown publisher that is dated to be from August 5, 1983. The article details Sister Mary Anne Guthrie's decision to uproot her life and work in a needy village in Peru. In the article, it states that Sister Mary Anne Guthrie believed that the Lord was calling her to go to Peru and assist in the peasant village there. The article then details Sister Mary Anne Guthrie's background information. It discusses her previous roll as Bishop Carrol T. Dozier's administrative assistant. It briefly mentions her involvement with St. Peter Manor, which is housing for the elderly. The article states that when Sister Mary Anne Guthrie decided she wanted to travel elsewhere, she considered going to Lebanon, Guatemala, or Peru. She decided Peru needed the greatest amount of help after meeting a women Dominican nun that was living there. The article accounts the extremely levels of poverty in Peru at the time. According to the article, Sister Mary Anne Guthrie received a sponsor from the Dominican sisters of St. Catharine. The article goes on to announce that Bishop Stafford and Dozier would be giving her a liturgy to honor all of the work she did for the church. More background information is given about Sister Mary Anne Guthrie, such as her work at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital before working under Bishop Dozier. The article accounts Sister Mary Anne Guthrie’s rise to being a very influential figure in the diocese, and her eventual running for the Democratic Nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives in 1974. The last line of the article states that although she did not receive the nomination, the man who did, Rep. Harold Ford, appointed Sister Mary Anne Guthrie as co-chairman of his campaign.


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