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The Origins and Impact of the National Organization for Women NOW emerged in 1966 in response to the need of a national organization to address…

Contributors: Denise Nichols, Jere Norville, Will Ruffin

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This collection contains items that were used in the first HIST4851 course.


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Disruption of the Ideals of Domesticity During WWII             WWII caused dramatic and rapid shifts to take place within the realm of traditional…

Contributors: William Houston, Bernadette Willams, Morgan Gloss, Breanna Johnson



Women’s Role in Education

The field of education changed dramatically from the late nineteenth centurty to the 1960s, particularly for women in…

Contributors: Cara O’Connel, Denise Wakeman, Micah Marshall


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"Political Women: Before, During, and After the 19th Amendment"               When asked, most people will say that women’s political roles began with…

Contributors: Nadiya Workman, Jamey Wolf, Kate Wells



            History offers anyone who is willing to learn about it a window into the past. It is a way to view cultures from the past, the way ancient…

Contributors: Reagan Andrews, Dallas Bright, Jazmyne Mendez


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The twentieth century gave women newfound freedoms that challenged the ideas of womanhood. As technologies advanced and conflicts arose, women were…

Contributors: Allison Horne, Jennifer Capers, Kristy Smith, Lauren McConnico