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Making an Impact: The Lives of Tennessee Woman



HIST 4851: Women in American History

Project Site

(The University of Memphis, Spring 2015)


This site was created partnership by Dr. Christine Eisel, University of Memphis Department of History faculty member in partnership with Brigitte Billeaudeaux, University of Memphis Libraries' Archival Assistant. This type of collaboration is a new one for both departments and acted as an experiment in the possibilities of applied learning in digital scholarship for students at the university.

The project served as an opportunity for students to gain exposure and build skills in digital scholarship and enhance their online learning environment. HIST4851: Women in American History was a completely asynchronous course taught by Dr. Eisel. Students in the course worked in groups according to topics of interest. Each group learned and used historical methods as they developed secondary source bilbiographies; selected primary source archival materials from collections culled from University Libraries' Special collections by Ms. Billeaudeaux; wrote narrative essays, document descriptions and metadata; and uploaded their work into this digital exhibit.

The result is "Making and Impact: The Lives of Tennessee Women," a group of seven digital projects that highlight Tennessee women throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. 

Special thanks to Department of History undergraduate intern Charles (Chase) Plesofsky for assisting with scanning documents, and to Jennifer Schnabel, Ohio State University Libraries English Librarian, for her contributions as the idea for this project developed.


Click here for collections from the Spring 2015 class.