Women at the Polls


Women at the Polls


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Yet another feature of the Suffragist magazine was this article covering the topic of women at the polls. Due to no author being mentioned, the information and final article is most likely the product of numerous persons from the Suffragist. Women at the polls was a popular topic seeing as how just months before had woman officially won the right to even vote. The article covers many aspects of women’s voting from what they were supporting to how many of them were showing up. The article also covers that very few women were running for office and those that did were mostly unsuccessful. General statements were made about how women voters were supporting the same issues as men and placed their support behind issues such as hospitals for the mentally ill, increased expenditure for schools, better roads and so on. These were found in the features for certain crucial states such as Colorado, California and Connecticut. Delaware was another focus state being that forty precent of the state’s voters were women; this made the state a remarkable victory and testament to the handwork of women. New Hampshire is yet another state of focus due to it’s gaining two women on the state legislature. A number of other states are featured from Ohio to Virginia. Things discussed for states are voting percentages and registration percentages in states where such could be obtained and women running for office. Some states did have women elected though very few, while others had none. It is also important to note that the article makes sure to note the two political parties and how women were involved in such. For women who ran for office it was stated on what ticket they ran. Along with party affiliation, the general support or rather opposition of national issues such as the league of nations and women’s opposition to it are also touched on.


The Suffragist, Periodical, vol VIII no 11


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The Suffragist Volume VIII no 11.


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