Sister Hughetta Memorial


Sister Hughetta Memorial


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Sister Hughetta Snowden passed away on February 1st, 1926. There was memorial service held in her honor. This is a pamphlet for Sister Hughetta's memorial. They used this pamphlet to highlight the parts of her life they wanted to remember at the memorial. The text in the pamphlet begins with an account of her death and the many contributions she made to her community. It contains a history of Sister Hughetta’s Snowden life and work. It details her birthplace in New York City and how the Sisterhood of St. Mary was established. It describes Sister Hughetta Snowden as a person of “culture and prominence” and her joining of the Sisterhood of St. Mary. The memorial pamphlet goes on to describe the Sisterhood’s move to Memphis, Tennessee and the outbreak of yellow fever in the Memphis Community. According to the pamphlet, the sisters began to nurse those who fell victim of the yellow fever outbreak back to health and became pillars of the Memphis community. The pamphlet then tells of the founding of St. Mary’s School for Young Ladies in 1873, and Sister Hughetta taking her final vows and becoming a choir sister within the St. Mary’s community in 1874. Sister Hughetta Snowden’s promotion to Sister Superior of Southern work is described, and her “indomitable will and strong personality” is noted. It accounts a story of a fire completely destroying her school, but Sister Hughetta Snowden’s optimism kept the school afloat and a new one was built. A quote from Bishop Gailor accounting Sister Hughetta Snowden’s character is contained in this pamphlet, and finally a conclusion stating her “unselfish service to humanity.”


St. Mary's Cathedral


MSS 65. Box 1. Folder 13.


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