Current Resume’ for Marilyn Califf


Current Resume’ for Marilyn Califf


Marilyn Califf’s Resume


This document is the current resume for Marilyn Califf as of January 1977. She was born on April 27, 1932 in Memphis, TN. She graduated from Central High School in 1950 and went on to pursue a college degree. She began by attending the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL from 1950-1951. Califf left the University of Miami and moved home to attend Memphis State University from 1951-1952. After taking some years off, in 1968 she attended International University of Saltillo in Mexico. Marilyn Califf then graduated from the Memphis Academy of Art in 1970, where she was awarded a BFA in Painting. After graduating from the Memphis Academy of Art, Marilyn Califf began designing quilts, publishing quilts, and began her mail order quilt pattern business.

Califf’s work has been featured in many public collections, including the Brooks Memorial Art Gallery and the Memphis Jewish Community Center. She also has many paintings and quilts that were entered into competitive exhibitions. Some of these include the Atlanta Drawing Society Exhibition, the All-Tennesseans Exhibition, Tennessee Artist-Craftsman’s Association Crafts Fair and many, many more.
The awards for her work include First Prize in Oils in the 1968 Mid-South Exhibition, Honorable Mention in the 1964 B’Nai B’Rith Women Competition, and 3 Purchase Prizes for Quilts at the 1972 Tennessee Artist-Craftsman’s Association.

Marilyn Califf was not only an artist and quiltmaker, but also a writer. She wrote and published
“Your First Quilt” and “The Pillow Book”.


Marilyn Califf


MSS 130, Box 1, Folder 1


University of Memphis Libraries


January 1977


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