Patricia Walker Shaw’s Resume


Patricia Walker Shaw’s Resume


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In Patricia Walker Shaw’s resume she provides all of her educational background, work experience, and professional attainments. Beginning with her undergraduate degree in business administration from Fisk University, Shaw continued to earn business degrees from various colleges in order to accomplish her dream of becoming a stockbroker. After finishing school, Shaw began looking for jobs where she could apply her background in business but was unsuccessful, aside from being an accounting trainee at Tri-City Bank in Memphis. Since Shaw was unable her pursue a career in business, a male dominated occupation, she switched over to social work and attended the University of Tennessee in 1966 to receive a masters in the field. Through her connection with her grandfather, she began working for his company (Universal Life Insurance) in 1966. From then on, she was given frequent promotions until she earned her position of Vice President-Associate Controller in 1974. She later became president of Universal Life Insurance when her grandfather passed away. This took place after her 1974 resume had been written.


Patricia Walker Shaw


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