Form of National Health System is Supported by Sister Guthrie


Form of National Health System is Supported by Sister Guthrie


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In this newspaper article, Sister Mary Anne Guthrie says she wants “a national health system in America that would not destroy free enterprise” within the medical field. She told a group at a luncheon at Harris Methodist Church, she feels as though there is not one health insurance bill before Congress that is correctly or completely financed. Sister Mary Anne feels as though there needs to be other ways to finance health insurance that does not involve over-taxing the middle class.

Once a part of Congress, Sister Guthrie wants to author a bill that will emphasize preventive cares, rather than therapeutic ones. Although the Sister is not in favor of socialized medicine, she understands it may be in Memphis’ near future if some drastic changes are not made soon because “even the wealthy are prices out of quality medical care,” she added. All opposition toward the community-style health insurance plans welcome, but will be fought off especially from the interest groups such as the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Hospital Association (AHA), (since they are notorious for opposing government-based national health insurance). Sister Mary Anne questions whether or not the AMA and AHA really are a service to all people. She challenges their record.

Sister Mary Anne would like to see neighborhood health cares established to educate residents, especially the elderly, in preventative medicine. Prior to this article, there was a lowering of bus fare rates for the elderly so they could better manage to get transportation to and from the medical centers, but more needs to be done. Sister Mary Anne stresses the importance of “gray power” when it comes to voting. She hopes to see a large turnout of older voters for the upcoming primary. She closes with the quote, “we don’t need more food stamp programs, we need more income—a chance to live with dignity.”


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July 20, 1974


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